Ticket Support Information

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Before creating a support ticket, please have a quick read through this page so we can help you quickly and efficiently.

Firstly, are you struggling with an in-game feature and would like to ask for information on how that feature works? Check our official guides forum or use our open discussion forum to ask your question. By doing this, community members will also be able to answer your question, and they may be faster than our support team at doing so.

Are you here to request assistance with your in-game account? This may be because something has gone wrong, you've lost your score for example. If this is the case, you're in the right place but please ensure you provide our support team with plenty of information to allow us to help you quickly and efficiently. Consider using the template below.

KA-TWS wrote:

My in-game username: <Enter your username here>

My issue is:
<describe your issue here, go into as much detail as you wish. If you think it would benefit our support team to know something, then include it.>

Here's a screenshot: <If you think this would assist us, include a screenshot of the issue you're having.>

Important note:
NEVER share your in-game password using the ticket system. No support team member or admin will ask you for this information. The only information our support team need is your in-game username.

Useful links:
Imgur - Upload screenshots to include in the ticket
Our official guides forum

Forgotten your password?
If you have forgotten your in-game password, you may be able to reset this yourself if you have logged into our Kickass Account Management tool previously. If you are unable to reset it this way, you will need to open a ticket in the appropriate category so an account administrator can assist you.

KA-TWS wrote:

My in-game username: <Enter your username here>

My issue is:
I am unable to reset my password using the Kickass Account Manager.

I last accessed my account: <Please tell us when you last accessed this account.>

Additional Information: <Provide any additional information. Did you link an email to the account? Did you login to Kickass Account Manager previously?>