List of in-game tags

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    • List of in-game tags

      The KA-TWS server contains a number of tags (usable with the in-game command "/tags") which can be unlocked or received as rewards. This thread will list the currently available tags.

      Certain tags can be unlocked automatically in-game. Received tags will always be sent to your in-game mailbox. Please check this to redeem any rewards before requesting support.

      • [Kickass Crew] *ADMIN/SUPPORT TEAM TAG*
        The [Kickass Crew] tag is given to in-game administrators and our Kickass support team.
      • [Rainbow] *RARE TAG*
        The [Rainbow] tag is received from participating in server events and was given to our tester team prior to the server opening.
      • [Original] *LIMITED TAG*
        The [Original] tag will be awarded to players automatically who register within the first few weeks of the KA-TWS server launching.
        There is no way to get this tag, other than to be one of the first players to register to the server.
      • [Camera Shy] *UNLOCKABLE TAG*
        The [Camera Shy] tag can be unlocked in-game.
      • [Bear Hunter] *UNLOCKABLE TAG*
        The [Bear Hunter] tag can be unlocked in-game.
      • [Psycho] *UNLOCKABLE TAG*
        The [Psycho] tag can be unlocked in-game (Psycho Class).