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  • Request a name change

    Hello everyone,

    We are now accepting name change requests via forum tickets. Please read the following carefully.

    Name change rules
    • There should be a valid reason for your name change
    • You may only request one name change in any 30 day period
    Name change requests are for when you have become tired of your username. They are not for clans, gangs, teams etc.
    All name changes are stored on your account. By changing your name, someone else will be able to register that name, so keep that in mind.

    Will my account items be intact? (Vehicles/Gangs/Weapons etc)

    Yes. All of your account data will be immediately available on the new username.

    At this time only level 5 administrators are able to approve name changes. Once your name change is approved it will be in effect immediately. It may take up to 24 hours to approve your name change request, and we do reserve the right to refuse your name change request if we don't feel there is a valid reason for it.

    To request a name change, click here and use the following template.

    KA-TWS wrote:

    My in-game username: <Enter your username here>

    New username: <Enter your new username here>

    Reason for name change:
    <describe why you want your name to be changed.>