KA-TWS News #3

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    • KA-TWS News #3

      Hi everyone,

      This short news post will update you on some things we're working on at the moment.

      The focus at this moment in time is to add additional security to our server. This has already begun, with additional proxy/vpn/IP checks already in place to prevent cheaters who continue to change their IPs from rejoining without some serious effort. This is an on-going effort.

      Secondly, we're going to be making some changes to our rules, and a new rule will come into force shortly.

      You will be limited to a total of 5 shared accounts.

      What this means is you will only be able to register a maximum of 5 accounts from any single lo location. Sharing your account password is against our server rules, but at this time we don't limit how many accounts you can register from a single location. This could be an internet cafe or your own home. Unfortunately, many players abuse this fact. Some players have up to 50 shared accounts linked to their IP address. This makes it extremely difficult for us to administrate our server and punish cheaters. It also causes confusion when we're dealing with player support queries.

      What is classed as a shared account?

      Put simply, if you use the same IP address in your household, your accounts are grouped together and they are shared between that household. Shared accounts are based on the IP addresses they are accessed from. We know that many of our players have friends and siblings who access our server from the same location. An internet cafe would group those who play there to a shared account. You don't have to access the account from your computer for it to be classed as shared.

      What about my existing accounts?

      No action will be taken against existing accounts. However they may be subject for removal at a later date if there is a large period of inactivity/low stats. You won't be able to register any more accounts though, and will receive a warning when you attempt to before being kicked from the server.

      In addition to this limitation, we'll be making some changes to our moderation tools in-game. I'll share those updates in another post once I've finalised what's going to be changed. Administrators may also receive additional account management tools from our admin panel so they can deal with account issues without the intervention of myself or a higher level admin.

      Thank you all for your support and I hope that these changes will improve how can support you and allow us to focus on features rather than disruptive accounts.