Maverick5 moderator application

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  • Maverick5 moderator application

    - What's your in-game name ? : Maverick5

    -What's your age ? : 22 years old

    -Geographical location and GMT ? : Africa, Morocco, Marrakesh/ GMT+1

    -Write a small paragraph about yourself : My real name is Mehdi, i was born and raised in the red city of Marrakesh, Morocco. THERE; i studied till high school and graduated with a bachelor degree in Literature. After that i decided to pursuit the only thing that I'm good at which is English Language. Subsequently, i applied for the university of Caddi Ayyad and got accepted for the English Literature program 2016.
    That when i decided to quit gaming, and i left the server that was called back then LSCL, to focus on my studies as the few first years are always the hardest. After spending two years in the university, this is my last year, hoping that i will graduate soon enough to pursuit another dream, which is Teaching this language.
    Since its my last year I Gained a lot of free time due to my university program. Therefore, i decided to come back as clearly i was suppressing one of my favorite hobbies, VIDEO GAMES.

    I used to play sa-mp along with CS16 since i was 17, and i fall in love with these kind of game modes ever-since.
    I've been an admin in several and similar servers, such as cop vs robbers mode (LSCL, CVT), and Call of duty (ayush server), and many other CS16 servers (zombies, classic .. etc)

    -When did you join the KA-TWS server ? : Well I was part of the LSCL community back in 2016, however i joined the new game-mode on 27/03/2018

    -Do you have any experience moderating a server ? If so could you provide any evidence ? : Yes, i was part of this server staff team, and an admin in a COD server, plus several others. (i provided a video in my introduction thread as an evidence).

    -What does professionalism mean to you ? : Solid and fair, I've been called many names, but being unfair wasn't one of them, i believe that professionalism means being able to take decisions based on logical reasons and to take the responsibility for your actions.

    -What do you think players are expecting of you ? : As i mentioned before, you should be solid and decisive, (Sold toward hackers/rule breakers ofc), to take the right decision, and to be helpful, I'm always an open book.

    -What can you offer to the server ? : I'm smart enough to overcome any obstacles, and i also adapt easily and i learn fast, i will offer protection for the server and the players and i will be as helpful as i can.

    -Why are you interested in joining the moderation team ? : Well besides being capable of this kind of job, I've always helped the players all around me during my stay in every server i played at, being part of the moderation team will allow me to continue offering my help, and it will also help the players to address me in order to ask a question or so.
    In addition; as a moderator your job is to spectate and to detect rule-breakers/hackers in order to punish them.

    -How active are you able to be ? : 4-5 hours per day.

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  • Application closed since you don't meet the requirements yet. Feel free to apply again when you have met those.

    Johnson wrote:

    Account requirments:
    1: 350 points.
    2: 24 hours playtime.
    3: Verified forum account.
    Edit: Application reopened since player meets the requirements now.

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