Pinned [IMPORTANT]How to post screenshots of GTA SA and CLEO folders

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  • [IMPORTANT]How to post screenshots of GTA SA and CLEO folders

    We sometimes need you to post a screenshot of your GTA San Andreas folder in order to determine whether you are innocent or not. Here is a short tutorial on how to properly post a screenshot of your GTA San Andreas folder. Following this tutorial can speed up your unban appeal significantly.

    Step 1:

    Open windows explorer and go to the location of your GTA San Andreas folder, in my case this will be my desktop. Then find the 'View' option in the menu, click on it and then click 'Details'

    Click view.

    Click details.

    This makes the 'Last modified date' visible, this is what we need to see. If you do not do this step properly then all the screenshots will be considered invalid. You should see this if your last modified date is visible:


    Step 2:

    Find the screenshot button on your keyboard, it is located above your backspace button (on almost all keyboards)

    Press it, and then open program called Paint. Once you've done that you'll see that you are available to press Paste. Press it.

    Step 3:

    If everything is correct you should see picture you've printed. After that click save icon or File and Save as.

    After that you should see and do this:

    Step 4:

    Save the screenshot on a location you can easily access, you will need them later on. Make sure the entire content of your GTA San Andreas folder is visible, this might take multiple screenshots. If you have CLEO installed then it is absolutely necessary that you post a screenshot of the inside of your CLEO folder. Make sure that the last screenshot shows the scollbar completely at the bottom of the folder, with this we can see that there are no more files in your folder.


    Again, save all the required screenshots on a location you can easily access.

    Step 5:

    After all this done you must post required screenshots into your unban appeal thread. Follow instructions detailed below:

    If your picture is meeting all requirements and format all you need to do is just click ''Submit'' and you are good to go or add more pictures.

    If you have any questions don't be shy and send them by making conversation at forum or pm'ing In-game.
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